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Are you an expectant mother?

Do you find yourself wondering if your bundle of joy will turn out to be, a multi-talented and dynamic genius?

Did you know…Baby learns in the WOMB !!!

You can shape your kid’s potential right in womb and turn him into a genius,  intelligent, creative and dynamic personality.

Make most of this time!

Your unborn child is:

  • Capable of learning
  • Able to hear and respond to voices and sounds including music
  • Sensitive to his parent’s feelings  about him.
  • Capable of responding to love.
  • An active, feeling human being

The baby’s brain is shaped by the stimuli and nutrients received from his environment. This process starts at conception

Prenatal development is a process of stimulation that encourages learning; optimising mental and sensory development during pregnancy.

There is an increasing amount of research indicating that babies can experience and remember from the period before birth, while they are in the womb.

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